TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!

Avaldati 5 jaan 2021
HI SISTERS! Or Brothers ;) GuyLiner has been a huge trend on TikTok recently with many e-boys trying out makeup for the first time! In today's video, I teach some beginner makeup techniques to get the perfect winged liner along with some easy boy makeup tips. Enjoy!

Tatcha Water Cream
Cerave Moisturizer
Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer
Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer
Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencil
Morphe x James Charles Palette
Nyx Epic Ink Liner

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • As a complete beginner to makeup, I am really thankful to find such a nice and easy to understand video.

  • Thx you I need to know how to do eyeliner

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  • Why are boys better than me at eyeliner.

  • Whenever James say the word 'Blend' , My mind be like: BLEND, BUT DON'T BLEND IN. 😍Iconic😌

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  • Personally for me, I come from a very poor family, 6 dollars for eyeliner is a lot. I found eyeliner that works really really REALLY well for only 2 dollars at family dollar, I think the most expensive thing in my makeup is my makeup palette that was only like 10 dollars

  • I think you should breath when you're taking...cause...cause you talk so fast.....and you say everything in one breath.... 😅😅😅😅



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  • It really helps! Specially with wet eyeliner

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  • Ohhhh. So this is what the girls have to do to get James to do an everyday makeup tutorial: Be a GUY! Got it! ☺️

  • As a girl, this is very helpful. I’ve been wanting to get into makeup but i am clueless as to where to start, as my family don’t do makeup so we don’t own any products. Tysm :D

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  • Imagine having skin so clear that you'd need to call someone else to demonstrate how to cover a pimple

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  • James giving out his phone number: Me (watching this video in April 2021): Oh boy XD

  • No entiendo nada pero aquí estoy viendo


  • I really wish I could try makeup. But the economy is poop here. Mexico :(

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  • im following this step by step

  • James thank you soooooooooooooooo much! I was kind of scared when you said that the liquid liner was the hardest because that was all I had but it turned out so good! Thank you

  • I just have to say, that if you don't want to worry about doing that THICC line when drawing up, is to start at the end and dragging it into your outer corner, then going back to where he said, not at the end of the wing, and dragging to the middle of your eye at the waterline. (sorry if this is confusing I don't really know how else to say it without pictures lol)

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  • Im Asian boy. Tutorial make up please... no foundation no concealer no powder

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  • instructions unclear. the makeup wipe smeared my eyeliner and now I have a literal black eye. why is this stuff impossible to remove?

  • Капец ты быстро говоришь конечно

  • I want to try crossdressing but don't have the make-up tools. .ofc I consider to buy it, but I'm afraid that my initial cost will go to waste because I'm suck at it

  • thank you James for bringing Louis in this video, i would love to see a full video with your team/roomates

  • you are so kind!! I love you, beautiful soul

  • I love you so much im crying rn,this makes me feel so valid ♥️💕 (im a boy btw)

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  • The eyeliner stuff starts at 9:49

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  • i love how he said eyeliner is the hardest but its the easiest thing for me- and i use the most uNfoRgivIng one😭 but it depends on how steady you can keep your hand and things like that

  • watching you do these tips was so interesting because we don’t really see you do natural coverage type stuff and this helps me tremendously, and I am female!

  • I MANLY GUY did my friends makeup for 1st time EVER!!!

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  • haha what I like to do is get a liquid liner or any pencil liner and get tape, align it with the bottom of my eye and do precise scribbles until I like it lol (this did rly help also anyone ese do this?)

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