Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

Avaldati 15 jaan 2021
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • No , India , West Bengal.

  • I'm Korean but I live in Hong Kong. It does not snow here because Hong Kong is close to the equator... sad

  • I from wauchope and it doesn’t snow and its pronounce (war) (hope)

  • Yes I live in Ohio so there is snow every winter

  • Is it just me or when he talks about make-up Then he sounds like a smart man.🤣

  • James: Complaining about cold makeup Us people in Canada: Pathetic Jk makeup isn’t cold here lmao

  • I’m in Saudi Arabia to prove it here سبق،بيل

  • It snows I live in Michigan

  • No snow, I live in south Florida. It gets cold for maybe a week. When I say cold, I mean like maybe 40 degrees if we're lucky lol. I love you James!! You are the best person in the world!! I really wanna be your friend!! Have a nice day sis! 💖💖😙

  • Flash back mery came back

  • In meghalaya, there is no snow🙄

  • Nope i am from Egypt 🇪🇬

  • well I'm from Lebanon and it rarely snows so like every couple years it decides to snow

  • I live where snow is

  • I live in a desert.. I hate winters

  • Well I don’t get snow and have never been to the snow so I don’t now what it feels like 😅. I live in Australia ( Victoria Dandenong)

  • This looks like rebeca zamolo house

  • Here in Hot Springs we don't get snow that often but the last time we got snow we got snow that was 2ft deep and it was January.

  • I love the winter time Because my birthday is literally in the winter

  • ok

  • James: Tell me where you are from Me: No snow here in Hawaii 😔😔😔

  • Tennessee and only a little bit and same

  • No it does not snow hear in Florida

  • I’m crying.. I literally eat those same sandwiches

  • It doesn’t snow here in Australia but I go to blue mountains a lot and I love playing with the snow their however in the winter it doesn’t snow

  • No we do not have snow

  • omg hi sitters

  • There is snow where I live and I do like it I live in nc

  • Sometimes there's snow and sometimes there's not

  • In Sweden we haw snow

  • This year there was snow but normaly no Texas

  • I live in toronto, on and It snows and I love the snow

  • No snow here i am in south Carolina

  • Lesson learned 😌😌

  • 2:48 can we just talk about all those waffles in the back 😂

  • i live in the middle east, the country is Pakistan and is only snows in some cities, i live in Lahore so we get no snow 😒

  • It doesn't snow in india

  • Yes I live I Welch pineville road and there is like 1ft of snow and I love it

  • I live in San Diego and there is no snow at all

  • It doesn’t snow in Saudi Arabia but in some areas it snow but not in my city so it kinda of sad it always hot

  • There is snow and I do like winter

  • Yes there is snow

  • 6:25 that’s what she said 😎

  • I live in Arizona where there’s not snow around my area but up north there is snow

  • You should do Florence by mills

  • i live in India and i love your videos

  • Ya’ll I think Miranda got into james’s head 😔

  • Umm did he forgot eyeliner? ...or....

  • I live were it snows and I luv it sister

  • Were I live we don’t have snow I live in Australia tho

  • 10:15 Knowledge starts to come in 😂🤓

  • 2:47 LMAOOO bruh that's me all the time

  • I live in a small town in Missouri and we barely get any snow here

  • LOL

  • Yes! We get a little bit of snow in Indiana! But after a while it just turns into slush... hahaha

  • I live in new york and thare is snow

  • I wonder how much he said it was cold 🤔

  • Only sometimes it snows

  • I’m from Gloucestershire. It snows like every 2-3 years. It’s always raining though and when it’s summer it’s like 25 degrees. I don’t know Fahrenheit sorry 😐

  • You look like you havent seen the light of day in 10 years 😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I live in 🇳🇿 😂😏

  • I live in Pennsylvania

  • cause 3:38 for you here

  • I have snow in Alberta and sometimes I love the snow and some times I hate it

  • Yes when its about 4:30 we go the house

  • I live in Australia and sadly there is no snow where live but there is in some parts. I also love the winterrr

  • Yes there's snow where I live

  • If there's snow where I live I live in America it's so fun

  • I live in Chicago 50 degrees is like summer already lmaoo

  • Canada: YES THERE IS SO MUCH SNOW Also -43 decrees C

  • Whenever he was putting on the setting spay I remembered the time he was drunk and his face was soaked

  • Im from tenessee

  • I live in Atlanta GA so sometimes it snows in the winter

  • We have like all the seasons in ohio we spring summer fall and winter and i hate the winter

  • O live in SA it dose not snow

  • 5:53

  • Yes I do I also like the winter time

  • I'm from Phoenix AZ but I moved to Delaware and then to chicago

  • I thought you can’t see without contacts or your glasses

  • No i live in a tropical place

  • Some times I like the cold

  • I think when I was frozen you let it there and it was melting and then now you can spray it on your face James but you look really pretty

  • I thought that was a cabinet

  • 0:02 James what are u on-

  • I live in florida

  • I’m in Idaho and it ✨SnOw✨

  • No I don’t have snow in my town but I love the snow

  • Do you reccomend this for little boys too?

  • I live in Alaska and my village is napaskiak...and winter fun because a can go hunting on the tundra but with deep snow and snowmachine

  • I’m from the uk so no it’s just rain and 5% of sun and for snow it’s 2%

  • I live in the USA in Elenoy

  • It killed me how many times he said de-thawed it’s just thawed 😂

  • There was a big snow storm but usually it is just rain I’m from Princeton

  • I live in a place where we get ALL seasons and the snow and winter time in fun but it gets tiring at times but it’s fun for Christmas!❤️

  • James Charles I am from New York and it's hot

  • I live in Lithuania, and yes there is snow. I like it some times.

  • Im in Indonesia

  • I live in Punjab, India and it doesn't snow here And I would love to visit somewhere it snows

  • also yess there is snow where I live (it's currently summer now though so Ye)

  • I live in Gillespie and we don't really get snow but this like before 2021 we got a lot of snow and me and my brother went snowboarding so it was really cool