Exposing "Makeup For Men"

Avaldati 16 märts 2021
HI BROTHERS! In today's video, I'm trying out "Makeup For Men". I found a few different brands that all have products or lines specifically for men, so I wanted to test them out, see if they were worth the purchase or just a marketing scheme, and give my first impressions. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • you look better than u used to cuz curl hair and the hairline and the frecles bruh for me

  • Do the fast food vlog wend you order whay the person ahead got.or just a fun in that day vlog. Could you do you make up in the backseat of a speeding car.

  • Smelly

  • No homo

  • Your nails are always so freaking cute 👇🏻

  • Dude wipes and bro masks lmaooo


  • hi i am also * :>

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  • i like naz from norris nut cheek them out cuz naz love james :)

  • He should try BTS Jimin makeup products

  • Flash back mary vibes...

  • I wear tinted sunscreen

  • To good

  • Sheesh

  • HES A MAN!?!?

  • Hey James remember that April 13, 2018 video 😤

  • The mask on the bottom is clear and bright and the top is crazy

  • Swni you have to go 🚬😎fes and have to go to the

  • I looove your earrings

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  • This is the emoji James Charles intro

  • ✨✨✨✨✨

  • 👍🏻

  • I am a boy but i love to do make up on my face but i don’t dare to wear it in public

  • girl boss 💪

  • oof

  • Remember we all evolved from monkeys

  • james:"Dang thats dissapointing" also james:*doesnt care and just moves on*

  • …u are man…

  • I literally entered this video to see u flexing

  • Love the look with the “bro mask” 😂

  • Me: No james u r a WOO-man

  • Honestly make up has nothing to do with gender it’s just make up like James Charles he made it a thing for every gender to like do what they wanna do it shouldn’t be a privilege for boys to have make up like what’s the point in gender with make up like people say make up and boys don’t mix well but I think so…

  • Boi you look good in everything period.

  • I agree

  • James I am 10 and a boy and love you I want to try makeup but my parents are Cristina love you

    • @Leo Trunzo options wdym?

    • Btw stop hating on james

    • @Variii we all have our options and I think he is a great person

    • @Leo Trunzo Yeah he is human but he isnt a good person 😐

    • @SausinN I think James is a good person but he makes mistakes sometimes you just have to remember that we are all human

  • I'm so happy that I saw this because will I knew there were many makeup I just didn't know how it looked it on you

  • I'm 100% positive that some of u guys took a screenshot when James had the mask on and his hair was up 100% someone did that

  • Omg I love your freckles

  • I'm going to steal his makeup bc my face looks hideous U-U you ain't coming after me SISTER

  • Hi broter, I- i mean- hi sistor

  • James Charles sounds like badboyhalo

    • Hahahhahahahah, no.

  • No offence but why do u act like a girl

  • You're a man?🙄

    • Well the sad part is we live in a world full of weak man and is too scared to speak fact

    • @Jasta Ykotuce well 20+

    • Youre 11 arent you

    • @Ealy Gutierrez Well you should ask your bf, and if you're a man ask yourself. Answer is within your reach 😉

    • are you a man because you play video games?

  • 1:51 lol that is real funny

  • You are not a man

    • Hes just testing

  • Woah the intro is 🔥🔥

  • Ur the best man ❤️❤️❤️

  • u make me happy

  • When the anti shine powder has more pigment then the foundation 😭✋

  • Yes you are a male but No you are not a man anymore


    • @Simply Cucomi 🧿👄🧿 my bad homie

    • @Skitty Bee u def don’t watch twitch 👁👄👁 also I was talking to the other dude not you👁👄👁

    • @Simply Cucomi saying "poggers" is cringe 💅

    • Your cringe and not poggers

    • Saying "dis" is cringy 😉

  • I hate any gays because I am Muslim alx

    • @Zakariye C/casis Mohamed .

    • If you hate them, keep it to urself, dont comment it to random strangers. You dont know them

    • Youre supporting by commenting

    • @Variii couse I saw and I 🤨

    • okay? But why did u comment

  • This used to be a funny bit on Smosh

  • Are you do that that’s our new tag her next though you with the pink bubblegum and a butterfly

  • Can you try Indonesia makeup product please?

  • Warpaint 2011 Black Veil Brides

  • The thumbnail...

    • BRO I THOUGHT HIS ARM WAS REAL FOR A SEC I WAS GONNA SAY “damn James has some nice arms”

  • The all black packaging is like making a pink razor for women and putting the shaving cream in a pink bottle or something

  • Pedophiles

  • Love your videos when you put on makeup you look beautiful 😻

  • Real sisters in the intro:,,OOOoouUUUuOoOoOOOUUUuoo''!

  • Hey James, If you are seeing this read this! Some chap sticks contain glass so if anything I recommend Burt’s Bees or something. Also I recommend mint!

  • All make-up should be make-up for everyone!


  • Idiot


  • I like James Charles because he is being his self

  • You are so handsome! Without makeup too!

  • Can't we just can each other fellow humanoids and stop gender labeling everything. Or do we blame Big Marketing for years and years of beating that toxic masculinity and anti-feminism into everyone? I really can't believe we haven't moved past this yet.

  • I’m a boy and I want to try make up but idk what my family would think

    • Only one way to find out is just to do it! 😊

  • Hi

  • 🙌

  • I remember seeing this video in December

  • What in the sweet hell is this fucking haircut

  • I just want let everyone know that they r beautiful just the way they are no makeup 💄 needed

  • Lol

  • What sisters??!!

  • Oh my God that's so good

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  • Hi

  • He's 2 genders

  • That is true

  • 🤢🤡

  • Sisterhood ❤️✌️

  • Hi sisters - James charles

  • 💙

  • Love your opinion!

  • Saoirse and the family 👪❤

  • You look like you would lose an arm wrestle to my baby sister

  • i love james charles i sub

  • your so cool

  • I love this products and I want to buy them for my bf and then make up him

  • Where do you buy them like what store

  • It does not matter how you are from the outside it just matters how you are from the inside! Love you James!!❤️

    • @JoseMarioSPlays ! have u been updated with wat happened to james?or i mean way james did.

    • @shuichisf00t what do you mean with oh no

    • uh no,,

    • baby no.

  • People who made these products are really sexist. There should be no gender when it comes to makeup.

  • Love the hair sister also love the freckles

  • Girl: does the mask have a scent? James: no😐